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Pyrrha "Wax Seals" Sterling Silver Elephant Necklace Pyrrha,

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Pyrrha %22talisman%22 Sterling Silver Elephant Necklace

Pyrrha Unisex Longevity, Happiness and Good Luck Sterling Silver Petite Talisman Pendant Necklace. The three elephants on this shield represent longevity, happiness and good luck. Pieces in the Pyrrha collection are cast in reclaimed sterling silver, bronze and 14k yellow gold using authentic 18th and 19th century wax impressions and imagery. Every design has a symbolic meaning culled from heraldry. This talisman is paired with a 18 inch oxidized sterling silver Pyrrha branded cable…

Pyrrha Talisman Necklace~ Elephant Heraldic Shield for Good Luck~ Jewelry -


Longevity, Happiness & Good Luck

Wax Seals" Sterling Silver Elephant Necklace

Pyrrha "talisman" Sterling Silver Elephant Necklace, 18" ** You can find out more details at the link of the image.

Unicorn in the Forest Multi Seal Cuff This handmade cuff bracelet features nine wax seals: Dog, Squirrel, Owl, Mother Bear, Unicorn in Forest, Elephant, Lion Head, Small Horse, Mini Stag.