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Who's a pretty boy then? Blue tit caught admiring himself in car wing mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall! This oblivious bird didn't notice when wildlife photographer Simon Litten crept up to him to snatch the amazing shot of him admiring himself in the reflection. Friend, foe, or... me? The RSPB said the territorial males are notorious for smashing into shiny surfaces in the springtime, as they mistake their reflections for rival mates Read more…

Please join us and act today to defend our most important laws for wildlife. Without your help, it could all be gone tomorrow.

Bumblebee covered in pollen looks more like Transformers than insect

Kutub Uddin had been trying to capture the perfect close up picture of a bumblebee and finally got this snap

Adorable bunny brothers become unlikely Instagram stars scoring a larger fan base than Lindsay Lohan with 344,000 followers