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Explore Amazing Monday, Punch Fear and more!

Punch Fear in the face! Lets all try something that scares us today! Make it an amazing Monday!!

Surviving the Beach- Tips for taking a Toddler to the Beach

I'm a straight and passionate woman who loves and appreciates nature, animals, positive quotes, sexy lingerie, beautiful bodies... anything that makes me happy is what you'll see here. Some images are NOT suitable for work. The pictures shown are not...

Apply this to EVERY part of your life starting today!! #momtrepreneur #respectyourself #yougotthis #dontsettle #dontbeafraod #itllbeokay #momoftwins #exampletokids #exampletomyself #drewcanole #fitlifetv #organifi #fortunebuilders

As you know, I am preparing for your arrival, so before I write you a DM, I want to be on-top-of-things as quickly as possible to have time to enjoy my excitement about the future :D. Yeah, I just can't wait even though I have a hard time picturing it right now, because everything here is grey and wet / rainy. Well, until the sun is shining again in the beginning of next week I will just have to stay home <3<3<3. I'll talk to you/DM you later Only positive .... always - and yes I am ok…