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Building Early Social Language Through Play – When Choosing Toys, Keep it Simple

Assessing social language skills is hard. Beyond hard. You know that a child’s inter-personal skills are off, but how do you put a finger on it? I have one student who is very bright. He will…

What’s The Problem With Whole Body Listening?

What's the Problem With Whole Body Listening? Ableist Larry used to shame Autistic people about whole body listening but now he knows better. Image of a cartoon boy presenting a list of body parts with this text: Eye contact can be physically painful for some. You don't have to look to be good at listening! Your ears can do their job all by themselves! Sometimes verbal stims help us to process and that's okay if making sounds helps you listen & learn! Flappy hands are happy hands! Your…

Socialthinking - Getting Started

Chit Chat and Small Talk: 3 Ways to Practice Social Skills Before the Holidays. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills

101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills Includes 101 ready-to-use, reproducible activities to help children improve their social skills. Topics include communicating; expressing your feelings; caring about yourself and others; problem solving; listening; standing up for yourself; and understanding and managing conflict.