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Kate Bush - muse; this picture was on my bedroom wall as a teenager...

See Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer in #ManFromUNCLE, in theaters August 14.

She was a strange old bat... My cousin cleaned house for her back in the 60s. Didn't want nothing moved around. All the pictures of her family had the glass broke. Like she had taken a hammer to em. Left it all to the church, she did..strange old bat...richtor

LEONARD COHEN - "THE STRANGER SONG"... a spectacular piece of songwriting. The song that opened up my eyes to him as an artist, much more so than Hallelujah.

armie hammer and henry cavill The Man From UNCLE: Definite must see movie!!

drool. these patterns are fabulous. why have i not become obsessed with making my own clothes before now?? i'm blaming it on the fact that the piece of homemade clothing that sticks out the most in my mind from my childhoodwas the mc hammer-esque, long-pants, short sleeved jumper that had a lacy neckline. c'mon mom! why did you have to let the early nineties overtake your sewing machine??

Halo cosplay this is my dream! I want to wear a halo suit soooo bad!!!

MC Hammer Pants...the inspiration for harem pants?!