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Children can be deeply touched by the Holy Spirit when given an opportunity to experience the presence of God.

Recently CBN interviewed Sarah Palin who said: "I would never have been able to make it through my experience of running for vice president without my faith which I got AS A CHILD " Thank God for every Sunday School teacher she ever had! Are you making a difference in a child's life?

Too many people do not believe children are capable of understanding the Holy Spirit, or being filled by his Spirit. This DVD demonstrates how beautifully they can actually do this very thing. Children's Church. Click here for details $6.99

We make a grave mistake if we do not believe children are capable of significant experiences in God's presence. Never let it be said that the children in our homes or ministries never felt the presence of god nor heard his voice. If this happens, we have failed in our ministry to children.

What does Radical Discipleship look like on our kids? I want to raise up a generation of RADICAL DISCIPLES. Do you know what radical discipleship is? It’s not teaching kids to jump and shout when they sing. It’s not teaching kids to pray loudly in tongues. It’s not waving their arms crazy in worship. That’s not radical discipleship. It's living a laid down life for Jesus. To read my blog visit

“A condition for success for parents who want to raise children to be spiritual champions is they embrace parenting as their primary job in life. The nature of who their children will become assumes such importance that these parents recognize their career is a means to the end of raising progeny who please God. This means that parenting is their full-time job; the job they get paid to do is simply an addendum to the most important work they will do in life.”( Barna, George)