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Confess Upon a Time

Confess Upon a Time

I didn’t really have high hopes for the music, and it was as over produced and generic as I was expecting, but the choreography is what really made me cringe.

I wish they’d have kept the wedding and the musical episodes separate.

The Trio with Regina Snow and Charming just did NOT gel (the reprise number.

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“We have to believe that she is strong enough to grow up without us” Uhm, hello?

So all darkness comes from the black fairy now? He met the Black.

Anyone remember the lilac dress Emma wore for the dream sequence/dance with Charming in I think it was…THAT is the dress I’d have loved her to get married in.

Just an initial reaction here…this may be solved but don’t Zelena and Regina BOTH possess the puff of smoke transportation magic?

You know what I am getting sick of?