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~~~We live & die..Christ died & lived...so we may likewise live... Happy Easter!!!~~~ ♥♥♥

When you boyfriends dad tells you your the best girlfriend he's had, all the rest were twats lmao ; )

I definitely do this now! :) I find company I enjoy and screw the others. Short life. Can't waste it on thinking about people and their thoughts.. Can't even manage my own lol :P

Exactly! When I have issues I being it to the person....more need to grow up and do the same. Your not hurting my feelings by telling me. You do anger me by saying things in front of my child or to my child then act like those words you said which clearly refer to his parent weren't about his parent....

Sometimes in bed, I start thinking a lot. Then I end up crying myself to sleep after realizing how lonely I am. - Not most of days, thankfully

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