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The Announcement Amazing Black role model. Once upon a time D I thought I'd be an HIV dr but I changed my mind. Not sure why but God must have lead me in another direction. When I graduated HIV was all their was in the news. Today many still suffering in Africa. God bless Alicia Keys wk there

Edmonia Lewis was the first African American artist to earn international fame for her artwork. She earned a living as a sculptor and portraitist and was famous for several of her works, including a bust of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw of which she sold over 100 plaster copies. Born Mary Edmonia Lewis in 1844 in New York State, Edmonia was actually African American and Native American. Her mother was of Mississauga Ojibwe and African descent, while her father was Haitian of African…

‘Rosa Parks was presented the first “Eleanor Roosevelt Woman of Courage Award” by the Wonder Woman Foundation on this date November 14, 1984.’ (photo: Rosa Parks) - CARTER Magazine

SEC Network it sad that this makes me want to cry with joy? #ilovesports #secsports

Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist and writer credited with changing the way we study different human cultures.