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Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater The Theatre and the Potemkin Stairs are the most famous edifices in Odessa. The first opera house was opened in 1810 and destroyed by fire in 1873... Shawn Frank

Самые красивые оперные театры мира Коммунальный оперный театр Болоньи (Teatro Comunale di Bologna), Болонья, Италия

Üetliberg Mountain in Switzerland; The Üetliberg offers a panoramic view of the entire city of Zurich and the Lake of Zurich. There is also a hotel named "Uto Kulm" on this small mountain.... Shawn Frank

Musée Rath Museum in Geneva, Switzerland; The Musée Rath is an art museum in Geneva, used exclusively for temporary exhibitions... Shawn Frank

Shrine of the Three Kings Historical landmark in Cologne, Germany; The Shrine of the Three Kings is a reliquary said to contain the bones of the Biblical Magi, also known as the Three Kings or the Three Wise Men.... Shawn Frank

Odessa City in Ukraine Odessa is a port city on the Black Sea in southern Ukraine. It’s known for its beaches and 19th-century architecture, including the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. The monumental Potemkin Stairs, immortalized in "The Battleship Potemkin,".... Shawn Frank

Dresden Transport Museum Museum in Dresden, Germany; The Dresden Transport Museum displays vehicles of all modes of transport, such as railway, shipping, road and air traffic, under one roof. 120 year old.... Shawn Frank