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Hufflepuff House. Wow, I love the dorms, especially the beds being into the rock, just would feel so private having the curtain draped across.

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Hobbiton in New Zealand: Lovely Place of Hobbit Houses

Hobbiton in New Zealand: Lovely Place of Hobbit Houses

Just give me a hobbit hole already!!! This is torture! Hobbit Hole at Night - from the Exhibition: "Cropped for Pinterest" - photo from Trey Ratcliff at

Hobbit Lord of the Rings Mis-tea Mountains Tea Bag Tidy

Hobbit Lord of the Rings Mis-Tea Mountains teabag holder, teapot shape, cearmic, 2016

10 Spectacular Underground Homes Around The World

Even though it’s uncommon, some people prefer to live underground, literary. It’s an interesting alternative to regular homes and, whether it’s a decision based on style, personal preferences and the wish to recreate an image from a movie, living in any of these homes must be unique. You will be surprised to see how similar …

In love with how this fictional places signpost for the kids in our backyard turned out. by booturtle, via Flickr Covering all my kids' favorite fandoms: Thor, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lego Friends, My Little Pony, Star Wars, The Hobbit, Frozen, Bionicle, Hunger Games, Minecraft.