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DC Powered Diaphragm Type miniature pressure/vacuum pumps are quiet, reliable and mount in any position. for pump products information click

Diaphragm Pump Boxer 12KD Series.Gas Flow Rate to 2 l/m.double headed version of the Series 12K pumps for increased flow performance. The pumps feature unique exchangeable heads and panel mounting.For details

Diaphragm Pump Boxer 11K.Commonly used for gas sampling applications.

Diaphragm Pump Boxer 7KQ Series.Gas Flow Rate to 62 l/m.The use of high performance plastics in the 7KQ Series Diaphragm Pumps facilitates use in high temperature applications such as combustion gas analysis. The overall construction is extremely robust.

Diaphragm Pump Boxer 12K.Powerful #PumpBoxer 12K Series Diaphragm Pump introduces the novelty of a field changeable pump head design to the market.diaphragm pumps #instruments.

ALMEMO Data Logger Software .Complete control of the whole measuring setup and ensure convenient device handling.WINDOWS configuration software, is included free of charge with all ALMEMO devices.

Extremely compact with patented technology that guarantees high performanc #eliquid #pumps, #air pumps, #gas pumps, #diaphragm pumps, #solenoid piston pumps, peristaltic pumps, air-operated diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, rotary vane pumps, impeller pumps, pump controls.For more visit

Economical pressure/vacuum source for gas analyzers, medical devices, process samplers and other analytical instrument applications.Air and Gas Pump.

#Single-Jet #TotalizingWaterMeter CLXC-C1 Series.dry type totalizing water meters. They are an ideal choice for a range of water use monitoring applications, as well as many OEM and industrial applications where keeping track of consumed water volume is important for meeting regulatory and environmental requirements

KPM Round Series Miniature Gas Pumps.DC Power, Pressure to 300 mmHg (5.8 PSI).KPMR pumps are offered in two models and are only offered for OEM applications.