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Obama Just Won Throwback Thursday With Birth Control Tweet

Democrats Fast-Track Bill To Override Hobby Lobby Decision

Congress is fighting against the war on contraception by introducing the #NotMyBossBusiness Act to correct the #SCOTUS #HobbyLobby decision!

Hobby Lobby decision: 5 takeaways

Hobby Lobby decision: 5 takeaways The Supreme Court waited until the very end to deliver its most hotly-anticipated decision of the term: declaring in a 5-4 ruling that for-profit companies can use religious objections to avoid paying for contraception coverage required under Obamacare.

Clergy Pass Out Condoms at Hobby Lobby in Protest

Hobby Lobby — a corporation that values its factually inaccurate beliefs about unborn fetuses over women's legal right to insurance coverage, because God weeps for the souls of the unborn — allegedly fired an employee for getting pregnant three years ago.

Share this to show that the majority of voices believe that it’s not our bosses’ business to meddle in our health-care decisions.

"Sooo, basically the precedent set is if you believe in something REALLY hard, you don't have to abide by the same rules everyone else does."