Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas Shooter game BUBBLES! - Match and pop bubbles to save critters, stop piggies, solve the puzzles and score big - Special Pops - a six-match streak unlocks a superpowered bubble pop! - Unlock boosts for added bubble popping power - Action-packed puzzle gameplay - get out your slingshot and start popping #shooter #bubbleshooter #ballshooter #bubble #shootbubble #bubbleshoot #bejeweled #shoot

Axelay is a great shooter game that needs a sequel

Konami shooter games that took inspiration from the Gradius series | Konami Games News Blog

The classic shooter game Gradius joins the arcade lineup;499;dc70b6c36570651de7176efc858f3da6b3d8a338.jpg

Stealth-action shooter game with radial gravityThe game is given the choice of tactics for each level - you can pass the level quietly, without raising an alarm, or to arrange a real slaughter, using machine guns, grenades and even a bazooka. Ability to hide behind the scenery, to sneak up behind enemies and kill with a knife, not raising the alarm, set booby traps, and destroy the enemies of many weapons.

Shark Dash now live on the GameZBoost platform. Play Shark Dash 3 in a Row / Bubble Shooter Game, clear the fish of the same type and color. Full details can be found in the Game Review:

Shooter game uses real Japanese bow as interface

The Light Shooter is a first person shooting game which makes use of a real Japanese bow as the interface. A range of sensors embedded in the bow determine t...

Project Ariana can turn your whole living room into one giant screen Read more Technology News Here --> Razer has long touted its Chroma lighting those RGB LED lights that you find on keyboards mice cases and laptops like the new Razer Blade Pro as the next step in immersion. And while synchronized lighting does add a certain je ne sais quoi to games like Overwatch Diablo III and Call of Duty Black Ops III flashing lights dont hold the same potential that…

New World War II First Person Shooter Game in Development – Watch The Trailer