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If my husband goes first, I am taking him to the cemetery that will bring him back!

It is just like my husband, while figuring out our spending he has to go and bring Math into the conversation!

When You Can't Pass Up A Sale- Your husband's face when: he sees what you came home with from a shopping trip.

I Am Told Women Are Petty -There are times when I discuss the female social circle with my husband. These rare momentary lapses of reasoning leave my husband with a greater appreciation for being a male.

Marriage-When I was a teenager I asked my mom: "why would I ever want to get married"? She replied that you may need a drink in the middle of the night and maybe your husband will get you one.

I Am Always Cold and My Husband Is HOT-We got mail from PSE&G the gas company comparing our usage to our neighbors. My husband points out that we use almost double what our neighbors use. I guess this proves our neighbors are snow birds.

Before You Wed Discuss Expectations-I am happily married 10 years. Yet, when I first got married I had no idea what marriage was really like. I knew I had to finish college and get my Masters degree, which I did before meeting my husband. Yet after marriage I realized someone was looking at me like, what's for dinner and someone else needed clean clothes. It took a couple of years to get the hang of this whole marriage thing, especially after having a child. We order in a lot and my…

My husband says:HE WEARS THE PANTS IN OUR FAMILY.I just tell him which oneshe is allowed to put on.