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12 Benefits of Running | I can attest to most of these :). One disclaimer: for someone my weight, 140 lbs, you need to be able to run a mile in under 7 minutes to burn 1,000 calories an hour (which I can't even come close to).

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Visit the seven wonders: Chichen Itza - Machu Picchu - Cristo Redentor: Check! November 2014 - Chinese Muur - Taj Mahal - Rotswoningen in Petra - Colosseum: Check! Juli 2012

This photo is very powerful. It shows a woman standing naked against a wall while holding up a photo of a man's chest to her own. She was born a female, but feels like a male. Unfortunately she is trapped in a body that tells everyone she is female, but she does not want to feel this way. This is one of my favourite photos that I found during the course of this assignment

This is the real statistics that I've been trying to map and my head, whenever i think why isn't everybody aware of this already.