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fragments of garments and stockings from an archaeological dig.

Female Figurine 22th-21th millenium BC, Paleolithic. Mammoth ivory, Malta settlement, Siberia This stylized figure is flattened, the head round with a wide, flat face with eyes and nose marked. Incised lines convey breasts, arms, legs and genitalia. Such stylization and generalization in representing women are characteristic of the Malta artistic tradition.

Sheela Na Gig is alive in Ireland & Britain where over 100 images of her are to be found carved into stone reliefs.

Magic This delicate Spiral Goddess was designed for Sacred Source by sculptor Abby Willowroot in conjunction with the Goddess 2000 Project, whose simple goal is to place a Goddess Shrine on every block in every city on Earth. Spiral-force or serpent force is the Goddess energy. From deepest Prehistory onwards, the spiral was associated with horns and snakes, and symbolized dynamism, fertility and the vital magic of life. Profusions of spirals decorate ancient temples in Ireland, Malta and…

Earthenware figurine depicting the Queen Mother of the West. Circa 2nd century, Eastern Han dynasty. Cat # 2000.106.1740. From the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of China at the Royal Ontario Museum

paleolithic "venus" of gagarino, w/ reconstruction of damaged areas. she wears a fringe or cord "skirt"---more like a belt---around her abdomen.

The Minoans, who inhabited Crete during the Bronze Age, seem to have worshipped goddesses such as the one depicted here.