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Make Your Own Autumn Leaves Garland

This autumnal craft idea from 6th Street Design School is simple, cheap and looks GREAT! The leaves are so pretty and shimmery, without feeling too ‘homemade’. You could hang yours across a fireplace, or maybe along the wall by some stairs. Once you’ve assembled all the supplies it should only take about ten minutes to [read more]

floral cluster of group of flowers and foliage design | Beginners Class, 17.11.09)

Autumn Leaf Suncatchers

autumn leaf suncatchers craft

Apple Pie with Roses

This apple pie has a new look that includes specially crafted apple roses. Using the peals and rolling them up into a tight wrap a sweet apple rose is created.

Happy December!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sorry there has been a lack of posts. I have been busy getting ready...

2010-2011 Lion Brand Catalog

Fall Wreath .... I really love this! it turned out really beautiful! and will be simple to pack for next year after the season has passed! .... you can make the colors that go best with your door color instead of just what the stores choose to sell!

Fall decor. This is so easy, I could do this! I love the idea of using purple for fall also!

Ο Νοέμβρης είναι, τουλάχιστον στο δικό μου μυαλό, ο μήνας προετοιμασίας για την καλύτερη περίοδο όλου του χρόνου, τα Χριστούγεννα. Και ό...

25 Things To Enjoy This October

They took me from the hotel to a small apothecary in an old shopping district. I did not even know what city I was in. Fear stalked me as if I were its prey. No one knew my whereabouts. They could kill me and my Da would never find me. Would he even care?