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This cruciform reliquary is one of the finest examples of the goldsmith's art in Europe around 1000. The inscription states that the reliquary, made to house four pieces of Christ's cross, was presented to Bamberg cathedral by Emperor Henry II.

The "Henry chalice" - Tradition holds that it was a consecration gift to the Alte Kapelle from Henry II, the last Holy Roman Emperor from the Ottonian dynasty, who died in 1024 and was later canonised.

Явление Ангела Женам-мироносицам. Распятие Христово. Диптих. Оклад рукописной книги "Sacramentary" Генриха II. Монастырь Св. Эммерама (St. Emmeram) Регенсбург; Франция. Лотарингия. г. Мец; X в.; местонахождение: Германия. Бамберг. Государственная Библиотека (Bamberg Staatsbibliothek); материал: кость , металл серебро; техника: золочение, резьба по кости

Bamberg Synagoge -

Emperor Henry II and Empress Cunigunde tomb by Tilman Riemenschneider. Located in the Bamberg Cathedral

Casket with Warriors and Dancers, 11th century. Made in, Constantinople. Byzantine. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917 (17.190.239) #dance

Cross of Queen Gisela (oak, cast gold, gold plate, gold cloisonné, precious stones, pearls, silk; height 44.5 cm), probably Regensburg, after 1006