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The Daily Alternative News Source ~ January 9, 2017

As hysteria spreads across the US about the non-existent Russian threat, the FBI quietly released secret documents pertaining to the Clinton investigation.

"A climber in Poland's Tatra mountains has photographed a rare optical phenomenon known as a 'Brocken spectre'. The illusion occurs when an observer sees his own shadow cast on a cloud bank at a lower altitude. The head of the eerie-looking figure is often surrounded by colored rings of light. According to superstition, a person who sees a Brocken spectre will die in the mountains the following day."

Recent satellite technology might actually be changing the notion of El Dorado altogether, transforming it from a mythical city of legend into a very real location. A discovery of over 200 earthen works found near Brazil's Bolivian border are thought to be in a promising location for the lost city of gold.