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Creating Fall in 5 Easy Steps

Creating Fall in 5 Easy Steps! 5 ways to bring Fall in to your home easily, on

A Small Apartment for Style-Seeking Travelers in Budapest

Oh my my. Look at that itsy-bitsy glass top stove! Ay yi makes me want a TINY house so badly! They are so innovative and economical. My current home has much more space than I have furniture, decor, stuff (junk), which only encourages unchecked consumerism on my part (MUST. FILL. EVERY. INCH. OF. SPACE. OR. MY. WORLD. WILL. STOP. TURNING.) I NEED a tiny house. Less stuff = less stress = ROOM TO BREATHE.

Garden shed, wouldn't his be fun in your back yard? Now that I don't have any animals that run around I might be able to pull something like this off!!!

How To Collect Pallets For Awesome DIY Projects. Pallets are one of the most versatile objects in the DIY community. They can be turned into just about anything! So, when you get the chance, you should collect and store as many as possible. For more info on how to collect pallets,

Colorful Patchwork style bedsite table

Colourful Patchwork style bedside table great for ethnic ,boho,gypsy or traditional folk,mexican home interior decor must make these for my girls rooms now they are growing up by upcycling the furniture with decoupage of vintage papers and varnish...also cool way to recover settee ,sofa and chairs

8 Reasons Color Makes Organizing Even Better

True to its name, the junk drawer is never going to be full of very specific, matching items. To tamp down the disarray, line the drawer with containers in a single serene hue.

paint your old kitchen cabinet doors, add a junk shop table painted white and strip the top. Jam jar of hedegrow flowers - simple