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Volume 4 Ruby Rose. She looks so grown up... :')

Make her hair a bit more unruly, put some juniper green highlights in there, and give her golden eyes and bam- that would be Ghost. (Maybe her scythe too, if she was feeling bold)

Anime,аниме,Hijikata Toushirou,Gintama,Гинтама,r63,Anime Art,Аниме арт…

Dark Souls 2,Dark Souls,фэндомы,DS art,Anime Art,Аниме арт, Аниме-арт,Anime,Аниме,r63,smelter demon

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Clannad. This series made me cry harder & more often than anything else I've ever watched. I was kind of embarrassed to find out later that it's based on a video game.

his eyes are brown but nevermind... really nice art :)

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