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Take A Moment To Admire The Buildings You Pass By Each Day, But Rarely Truly See

Take A Moment To Admire The Buildings You Pass By Each Day, But Rarely Truly <em>See</em>

John Constable concentrated on the landscape of his suffolk home, unpopular at the time as others were more focused on the new industrial cityscape. I chose to include pieces by elder artists in this piece as I feel they are important to the foundation of environmental art, as the original responders to their environment.

Julie Dodd: "[T]his work is about the declining population of trees and the importance and impact they have on the planet. Carbon dioxide is probably the largest contributor to climate change, with human consumption being the major factor. Trees play an important role in the survival of our planet as they absorb carbon dioxide. Inspired by lung tissue, this miniature forest canopy emphasizes how trees are the lungs of the World." (Edition of 80) #Expo2015 #World'sFair #Milan

Interview: Artist Quits Day Job to Pursue Passion for Beautifully Quilled Paper Art

Istanbul-based Turkish artist Sena Runa left her job as an HR Specialist earlier this year to pursue her passion for paper quilling as a full-time job. “I began quilling three years ago,” she told us in an email. “While I was searching the internet for inspiration to find the right hobby for me, I found …

Aerial Walkway in Cape Town Allows Visitors to Take a Surreal Stroll Above the Trees

This surreal walkway recently installed in Cape Town, South Africa, creates a meandering, aerial path that allows visitors to stroll through the treetops. The steel-and-pinewood Kirstenbosch Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway begins on the forest floor, gradually sloping upward and eventually elevating guests to a spectacular vantage point above the canopy. From the heights, guests can …

"This colorful little treefrog is Hypsiboas picturatus, or the Imbabura Treefrog. It’s usually found along streams in closed-canopy forests and can be locally abundant, however generally uncommon." -

Face in the Bush ~ multiple exposure shot by talented photographer Archie Campbell that artistically represents our connection with nature despite the technological age we live in

Elderly Man Discovers Lost Wedding Ring in New Carrot Crop Plucked From His Garden

16th century Boxwood miniature.