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4/27/13. 5 Secrets to Relationship Survival After Children - We covered the physical emotional and tremendous lifestyle challenges that result when a couple turns into a family. Our Relationship Experts did not leave us high and dry. They left us with 5 solid tips to avoid the postpartum relationship rut. Nobody said raising kids, having a family and having a loving relationship would be easy. But, it’s so incredibly rewarding when both partners are on board together from the start.

5 unique ways to show love to your family from #family #love #relationships

11/23/13 Living Happily Ever After… Separately - Being the skeptics that we are, my guest co-host, Lori, and I were anxious to talk with our guest about her book, Living Happily Ever After Separately. If a couple can’t live together in the same house, how can they keep a marriage together long-term living apart? Well, after talking with Lise, we’re amazed at how she and her husband, Emil, came up with a solution to save their marriage and their family…because they love each other.

8/4/12. Over 40 years of research has been done at The Gottman Institute in Seattle. Based on the findings, they can determine with 94% accuracy if a couple will make it. Lori and Bob joined us to talk about Dr. Gottman’s research and what he calls “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” – four deadly relationship killers that are often a pattern in doomed relationships. Lori and Bob provided some solutions on how to deal with these habits. Tune in, it could help you and your partner!

11/3/12. How Conflict Will Make or Break Your Relationship - Most of us know that conflict and the way it’s handled can be a real threat to a relationship. According to my guests, when couples don’t deal with conflict, there are three possible outcomes – and, none of them are fun or feel good, especially when this is happening with the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with. Believe it of not, Lori and Bob offer hope to those couples caught in the habit of conflict.

8/6/11. How to Survive an Affair: From Discover to Recover -Studies on affairs say that in the lifetime of a marriage, anywhere from 40-60% of men and 25-40% of women will have an affair. Of those, 65% of couples divorce after an affair and 35% of couples stay together. How do the ones that stay together do that? Tune in because the Hollanders talk about how to survive an affair – specifically, the seven stages of healing after an affair. It’s not easy, but it can be done. l 6 Tips from a marriage and family expert to help you be the best stepparent you can be.

The 10 Rocky Moments Every Relationship Faces

Once you've left the nest, you're likely to find yourself facing a trip back home for a visit with your parents and some good, old-fashioned quality family time. This may mean cramming back into your childhood twin-sized bed.