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Explore Regret Eating, Dessert Sandwiches and more!

In Japan, there are dessert sandwiches that normally has a fruit and cream between two pieces of bread. Not usual for some but you will not regret eating it!

You will need more time taking fun shots rather than eating this kawaii dessert of Japan. Love the sweet look and taste of Sugar Craft's Cat Cakes and enjoy its overloading cuteness!

All-in-one Japanese dessert called "cream anmitsu" a mixture of goodness! #foodie #Japan #yummy #dessert

Japan Food (An Overview of Japanese Cuisine)

Originated in Japan, Parikura is a machine wherein you can take a photo of yourself, design it, and turn it into stickers. Why not take it as one of souvenirs of your Japan trip right?

Visit Character foodcourt in Sanrio Puroland and witness this adorable, cute and mouth watering character food that will probably become the cutest food that you will see. #DiscoverJapan #TravelJapan #CuteFood Pop Japan (@PopJapan2015) | Twitter

Japan will never run out of products to amaze us! These mouth watering food replicas or sampuru are usually displayed in every restaurants windows throughout Japan to let the visitors know what dishes is served. Want to know how these are made? Attend the workshop in Gujo Hachiman, Gifu Prefecture, the center of food replica.