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Yoga : la salutation au soleil ou suryanamaskar -

10 Minute No Equipment Full Body Warm Up

Complete this 10 minute warm up routine to prepare your entire body for a workout. Warm up your muscles and joints, increase your heart rate and burn body fat with these aerobic exercises.

Upper Body Workout For Women

Get your arms, shoulders, back and chest ready for tank top season with this upper body workout. A 20 minute routine for a slim, sexy and toned upper body.

Get every inch of your body toned, fit and ready for the beach with this HIIT bikini body circuit. A 30 minute high intensity workout to blast fat, sculpt your body and tone your muscles from head to toe!

How to Lose Belly Fat Quick with 8 Minute Bikini Ab Workout

Quick 8 Minute Abs Workout for Women

10 Minute Morning Yoga Routine

10 Minute Morning Yoga Routine

12 Illustrations To Teach Kids Yoga Poses

Love to do yoga? Want to do it with your kids? You now can! Here are 12 yoga positions you can do with your children!