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aether the fifth element - Google Search ~ #Aether ~ the air space through which the destructive dissonance of the NAZI Music Turning standard [440Hz] Weaponized Sound, adopted worldwide over 60 years ago, travels. Along with Infrasound| Microwaves| Scalar| & Free Energy, Blue Beam Molecular Dissociation weapons, including the ultimate depopulation weapon of nuclear radiation, synergising with lethal chemtrails & poisons in water|food|& medicines. PATRIARCHY ENFORCES MORTALITY.

Cognitive Dissonance: Your Trigger to Spiritual Transformation

This is a crucial part of understanding Awakening, NEVER staying set in stone with all your ideals especially through dogma. If you can understand this, you are always open towards growth. There is so much information out there and when we are feeling dissociated during the awakening process this leaves open a passive vulnerability to believe everything we read whether it’s a channeling, an article, a book or youtube video is automatically true. Read More

On the cover of the July 9, 2014 issue of JACS: Non-heme iron-V oxo complex, the active intermediate proposed for Fe-mediated oxidation reactions, has been quantitatively synthesized at room temperature. This iron-V oxo complex oxidizes a series of unactivated alkanes having different C–H bond dissociation energies.

Study finds trauma effects may linger in body chemistry of next generation

New research on survivors of the Holocaust shows how catastrophic events can alter our body chemistry, and how these changes can transmit to the next generation. The result? Our children may suffer the effects of a traumatic event they never witnessed. NewsHour’s Stephen Fee has the story.

How can we experience the intimacy we crave with someone else, while we are dissociated from our own body? In this introduction to your Sensual Intelligence, Natalie Geld, co-founder of the Society for Mind Brain Sciences, demonstrates surprising and fun ways to unlock vital energy, to enliven sensitivity to heal, to feel pleasure, and to feel LOVE. Feel good in this skin you're in. A must read for anyone with a body! Available now on Amazon:

▶ Proof Directed Energy Weapons took down the Twin Towers - YouTube 24:11 ... HAARP Directed Energy, Molecular Deconstruction aka Molecular Dissociation

MMPI-2 Clinical Scale 6 (Paranoia) and Restructured Clinical Scale 6 (Ideas of Persecution) in Child Custody Litigants by Robert Semel in Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry