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Cowrie Shell Necklace, Shell Choker, Shell Jewelry, Cowrie, Beach Necklace, Small Shells, Beach Jewelry, Bohemian Shell Necklace, Summer

Snakeskin Agate Necklace, Agate Necklace, Natural Stone Necklace, Orange Agate Necklace, Snakeskin Stone, Agate Jewelry

Chrysocolla Necklace, Cord and Stone Necklace, Round Stone Necklace, Tumbled Chrysocolla, Healing Stone Necklace, Christmas Gift Girls

Chrysoprase Necklace, Chrysoprase Stick Necklace, Chrysoprase Bar Necklace, Chrysoprase Jewelry, Canadian Shop, Christmas Gifts, Gemstones

Deer Necklace Little Deer Necklace Forest Necklace by LOVEnLAVISH, $21.00

Sea Turtle Necklace, Turtle Necklace, Choker, Turtle Jewelry, Sea Turtle, Summer Choker, Short Necklace, Ocean Jewelry, Small Turtle Charm

Crystal Cage Necklace, Cage Necklace, Love Stone Necklace, Rose Quartz Necklace, Fertility Necklace, Locket Necklace, Romantic Gift Necklace

Red Coral Necklace Mothers Day JewelryCoral Short by LOVEnLAVISH, $29.00

Beige Wall Weaving, Wall Weaving, Weave, Wall Art, Boho Art, Beige Weave, Tapestry, Nursery Art, Home Decor, Fiber Art, Yarn Blue and Beige

Summer Sun Necklace Beach Necklace Sun Sol Collar by LOVEnLAVISH, $24.00

Serpentine Clay Necklace, Clay Crystal Necklace, Earth Jewelry, Mother Nature Necklace, Leaf Clay Necklace, Vegan Jewelry, Geology Gift

Blue Goldstone Necklace, Heart Necklace, Navy Blue Stone, Sandstone Necklace, Galaxy Stone Necklace, Long Chain and Stone, Summer Necklace

Lotus Flower Earrings Yoga Earrings Yoga Jewelry by LOVEnLAVISH, $16.00