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My real parents?!?!?!?

a mix between fashion and architecture, takes shape.

Mom what are you doing you're embarrassing me…

25 MORE Hilarious Harry Potter Memes | SMOSH

"My strict parents think they raised me to be respectful and polite. They actually raised me to be socially awkwardly and sneaky af"

Manon Kundig- or maybe this should go in art? More

The Federal Reserve - a privately owned Rothschild, cental banking cartel charging taxpayers interest on money they print out of thin air since 1913.

Please don't for get Natasha/Black Widow who was tortured for most of her life and trained to be an assassin with no will of her own that broke free and saved the world more than once

Captain America Civil War Black Widow Deleted Scene That Is Very Important And Shouldn't Have Been Cut Also Where Is My Black Widow Movie!!....*ahem*

A Zorse (horse x zebra) - love it (though part of me wonders if this is photoshopped or real - anyone know for certain?)