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Week 7 of the Eliminate Debt Challenge: Make the Step to Downsize. When you chose to make the step to downsize, it may be as simple as selling your old car or as drastic as selling your home.

We have all be in situations where we need to earn money fast overwhelmed trying to get out of debt or an emergency situation and earn money fast.

Save Up To 70% On Your Food Shopping - Free Delivery Code

Want to save upto 70% on your food/grocery shopping?! This blog shows a great trick on how to do this (no coupon clipping!) Free delivery codes available for a limited time, click on the link to find out more!

frugal dolly interview shopper coupon

Rent a Room in Your House - Having a Lodger

Make Extra Money - Rent a room in your house to a lodger. Click through to the website for more info.

10 Sure Ways To Increase Your Credit Score

Want to increase credit score of yours? If you think increasing your credit score may be hard, you should think again and again.There are ways you can use to improve it in no time. You just need to be proactive and not just sit down and wait for things to get better. #creditscore #credit #ways

How I Paid $40K Of Debt and Saved $70K in 2.5 Years

This post details how the author was able to pay off debt he owned to the creditors and saved more than $70K in under only 2.5 years. The author wishes to provide inspiration to those going through the struggles associated with debt or attempting to pay off debt.

10 Easy Ways to Save Money This Year

Here are 10 easy ways to save money this year. You can easily save $1000 or more with these simple spending changes and you can save money fast. Spend less of your money on what you have to buy and more on the things you want.