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The Best Shelves for Small Spaces

creative book storage

Vintage, black, winking doll, soft plastic, made in Hong Kong. I remember winning these in fairgrounds (especially Blackpool Pleasure Beach) in the 70's. They had holographic (is that the word?) winking eyes.

We love the description of this illustration by creator Marc Johns just as much as the image itself: “I drew this as a little reminder to myself to look for the good stuff. Do what makes you happy. Not sure what to draw? Pick something that makes you smile. Keep your eyes and ears open for the little joys in everyday life. Don’t immerse yourself in bad news. You can’t fix the economy, but you can fix the stuff in your own life. Try to ignore the bad driver that just cut you off (something I…

Dragonfly Tea Party: Experience The UK With All Your Senses

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