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Here are the rest of my random urban survival tips. As I said last week, I thought of most of these on the spot, but they're all very important. #urbansurvival

There are many methods of disaster communications. It's a complicated subject, so in this article we'll just cover some of the basics.

Survival Life: Fighting Stress In Survival Situations. Preparedness tips can definitely help us avoid stress in survival situations. Survival Guide and Prepping Ideas | Survival Life http://survivallife.com/2015/01/29/fighting-stress-survival-situations/

Even hardcore survivalists can overlook things. In this post I want to mention 50 survival items that you might have forgotten to buy.

7 Tips for Long-Term Survival After You Bug Out » Generally, preppers are concerned with either bugging in, or bugging out. The problem comes when they don’t think about what to do after you bug out. » #BugOut, #BugIn, #LongTermSurvival

Spend a little time working on your survival plans everyday. The time will add up fast. Here are some survival tips you should focus on first.

THANKSGIVING SURVIVAL TIP!!! Save your pop-up turkey timers for your survival kits!! You can use these little pop-up turkey timers as a water pasteurization indicators (WAPI) to let you know when your water is hot enough to have killed all pathogens! These little guys go off at 185° F (which is actually 15° hotter than your water needs to be to kill all pathogens!) And they are reusable!!

You don't have to be a hardcore survivalist to make it through the most common disasters, but you have to at least cover these disaster essentials.

People sometimes forget that the smallest and most convenient storage space is in their own heads. Here are some skills you can trade.

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