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Don’t Cry Mr. Bubble >>> "I recently reached yet another milestone in raising children: the end of bubble baths," sighs @Amy Davis.

Matchbook., Bathing Suits Matched With Their Book Cover Counterpart

Laughing Squid highlighted Kate Imbach's Tumblr blog Matchbook, where she has taken the concept of beach reading to a new level with "bathing suits matched with their book cover counterpart."

Massive River of 10,000 Discarded Books Rages Through Melbourne

Take a literary dip in a "massive river of 10,000 discarded books" that flooded Melbourne, Australia, in June. My Modern Met noted that "Spanish art collective Luzinterruptus was commissioned to create a work of art that, quite literally, stopped traffic.... On the final night of the installation, visitors were encouraged to take the books home with them."

Working with Booktrope

Janet Ursel shares her experience coming on board with Booktrope's Christian imprint, Vox Dei.

The 20 Books From 2012 You Never Heard About (But Should’ve)

Slate presents, "The Overlooked Books of 2012." Slate Book Review critics suggest 20 great books you never heard about—but should’ve.

Author and pop culture commentator @Everett M weighs in with his predictions for the last episode of 'Breaking Bad' >>> "The characters are dropping like flies, with few people left standing. At the Emmy Awards last Sunday Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn were giving viewers hints.."

@Galit Breen shares why her family did the #TheBigGayRace this year.