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Photos via: FIGTNY Lee hits it out of the park with her all-grey look for winter. Her tortoise print sunglasses and white sneakers give the varying shades of grey a casual cool touch.

"It looks like it's written in code to me." Colby stood in front of the board, hands shoved deep in his pockets. "Or in another language." "Exactly!" Lexi whirled on him, brandishing the white chalk like a sword. White dust coated her fingertips and spotted her shirt. "It's a code and I know the key. It's all up here." She tapped her head, dust floating into her hair.

clever kitty tea mug - with a little compartment on the side to place your tea bag after brewing

Mum Surya Bara has look of complete contentment as the inquisitive youngsters snooze with her, yawn and clean their paws

Nikita, a 9-year-old lion stands next to her three three-month old lion cubs at La Fleche Zoo in northwestern France

White shoes demonstrates the "No Boop" defensive position. Of course, sooner or later she's gonna' have to drop her "Boop guard" and all hell's gonna break loose...

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