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Gorgeous Southern Garden… With its imposing fountain and vine-covered brick walls, this space oozes a lazily sensuous French Quarter vibe -- despite its Houston location. “Inside the walls, it’s both structured and lush … creating what I call ‘ordered chaos,’” says landscape architect Helen Grivich. “I like a little whimsy in the middle; I think a garden should make you smile.” (I would definitely smile, provided I had a wonderful gardner to take care of all this loveliness!)

Build a white pergola. There's really nothing like a well-built pergola to offer shade and respite outdoors. If your home is white, consider...

The elements of the gothic victorian garden can be used for the steampunk garden as well. Use rusted objects as sculptures tucked into the plants, urns overflowing with flowers are still a must, antique stone sculptures add ambiance, a sundial would do well in the right spot, and antique gadgetry could really up the wow factor of a garden.

Fabulous hidden garden . . .or entry to the back garden, either way it's nice to get a glimpse of something nice and be drawn in.