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Another winning design from Stance! Poseidon midcalves are epically aquatic, but won't get your feet wet!

Mahalo Midcalves from Stance - men's socks are getting to be much more exciting!

Beautiful new midcalves for larger feet (yes, women can and should wear these too) emulate classic mosaic patterns!

No tropical island vacation planned for this year? It's cool - your feet can still enjoy the island sunset, in day or night colors, with Palm Crews from K. Bell!

Many of our thigh high socks are unisex, but these 80% merino thigh highs take it to a whole new level. They come in FOUR sizes, from a women's 8 and under, to a men's 14.5+! If you're a dude with feet above size 13, I probably don't need to tell you how unusual that is.

Elvis Midcalves: the king of socks. Shown here in front of the Grand Canyon, in order to do justice to their majesty.