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BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 4 - Victoria Fact title Fact data Also known as: Vicky; Vic Home Planet: Earth Fact! In the Pyramids of Mars, the Fourth Doctor mistakes Sarah Jane Smith for Victoria! First Appearance: The Evil of the Daleks Farewell Appearance: Fury from the Deep Key stories: The Tomb of the Cybermen; The Ice Warriors Doctor: The Second Doctor

46 year old filmed interview with William Hartnell, the original Doctor Who, is discovered

William Hartnell as the First Doctor - During rehearsals at Television Centre, 1965

doctor who the dead planet 1963 | Doctor Who Guide: The Daleks - The Dead Planet

BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 4 - Polly ,Also known as: Pol; Duchess; Paul Home Planet: Earth. Fact! Polly visited the ‘lost’ city of Atlantis where she was almost turned into a ‘Fish Person’! First Appearance: The War Machines Farewell Appearance: The Faceless Ones Key stories: The Smugglers; The Moonbase Doctors: The First Doctor, the Second Do

Also known as: James McCrimmon Home Planet: Earth Fact! In Tooth and Claw the Tenth Doctor gave his name as James McCrimmon! First Appearance: The Highlanders Farewell Appearance: The War Games Key stories: The Mind Robber; The Two Doctors Doctors: The Second Doctor, the Sixth DoctorBBC One - Doctor Who, Season 4 - Jamie