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23 Life Hacks You Will Want To Share On Facebook

So there's no suction! -- 23 Mind-Blowing Hacks You Will Want To Share On Facebook

23 Life Hacks You Will Want To Share On Facebook

Here's How To Make Chemical-Free Cleaning Wipes For Your Home

Wipe on, dry off. *½ cup vinegar *¼ cup water *¼ cup rubbing alcohol tsp dish soap drops citrus essential oil *Paper towel roll *Bread knife *Mixing bowl *Empty coffee can or Tupperware container

In my little world, items like cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate) are not simply a super way to stabilize egg whites but also scandalously inexpensive cleaning secrets. This long-forgotten gem of a cleaning agent may be used with a little water or vinegar to lift even the most stubborn…

How to Clean Your Mattress {Spring Cleaning

How to Clean your mattress. Everything you need to know about how {and why!} to clean your mattress as well as some tips on specific stain removal.

Money Saving DIY - How to Refill Any Plug-in Air Freshener

This is a great DIY trick for refilling those oil plug-ins without having to pay for the refills. Let’s face it, when you buy the refill oils you are mostly paying for the container that they come in. Instead of doing that, you can just refill it yourself and save a fortune – plus you get to...

28 Surprising Things That Really Work, According To Pinterest

Suave Clarifying Shampoo works as an inexpensive soap scum remover for your tub. This works wonders on soap scum on any surface & its non toxic. I havent used traditonal cleaner on my tub, shower or faucets in over 20 years its great. Use it with a scrubbie and you only need a drop.