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This picture represents modularity because each individual string of balls is duplicated to form a complex architectural design

The building in this picture uses a technique known as modularity. It takes the standarized part of a glass wrapped on top of a brown steel frame and stacking it in different positions and angles to form a more complex structure. By itself, glass warped around a brown steel frame is a simple design, but when you modulate it; it becomes a more interesting design.

Modularity: This fire alarm is a standardized unit in a more complex structure (ex. building or apartment.) This would be categorized as a "signage system." This would be a signage system because everyone understands it no matter where they are. It is a universal sign meaning if it is pulled or the sound goes off, there is a fire. All fire alarms are designed very similar. The size and shape are about the same anywhere and they usually tend to be the color red.