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1200-1499 21 Day FIX check sheet

I created this log sheet for anyone who wants all they need for the 21 day fix on just one page! Its a simple checklist and all you do is check

Eighteen Grab N Go 21 Day Fix Approved Snacks

The 21 Day Fix diet does not want you to eat processed foods, so here is a list of eighteen healthy 21 Day Fix recipes and snack ideas to get started with.

21 Day Fix Shopping List

Track your 21 Day Fix progress with the 21 Day Fix Approved Food List to help you streamline your meal planning and shopping during the 21 days!

This is my list of Top Ten 21 day fix recipes and I urge you to try them. There is a recipe in here for everyone from @fitmomangelad blog:

21 Day Fix Fast Food List

It's never the best choice, but sometimes fast food is the only choice. Here's your 21 Day Fix fast food list–what to eat in a restaurant while on the 21 Day Fix.