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Military Therapy Dog - Therapy Dog helps troops deal with postwar stress A slowly evolving form of treatment, animal therapy is used in only a few other Army installations, including Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. A small number of dogs like Lexy are being used almost as co-therapists. Read more here:

Life was hard for this brown dog that some might call unattractive, but she didn't give up and neither did the AWA volunteers or the staff of Cherryville Animal Hospital. After living at the hospital for several months, Heidi became a donor dog and, since 2006, has donated blood and saved the lives of 34 dogs.

Havre de Grace Woman Drives 1,600 Miles to Save Dogs

Havre de Grace, MD - It was the longest anyone had ever driven to the Alabama animal shelter to adopt, volunteers said.

How a service dog helped this veteran keep his family

Jason Haag's life was being destroyed by PTSD until he met Axel. This why I love dogs, they are heroes sometimes and they don't even know it. They have a way of knowing what going on inside of use and are there for us when we need them most!

How Safe Are Car-Seat Harnesses for Your Dog?

5 Amazing Apartments (full of Smart Decor Ideas for Any Space)

What Ever Happened to Michael Vick’s Dogs? Prepare to Be Blown Away!

These Were Michael Vick's Fighting Dogs-- But See Where They Are Now. My question is...Can we retrain Michael Vick not to bite?...You can't teach old Vick new tricks.

Meet Boots, a 12-year-old Chow/Golden Retriever mix and the Arizona Humane Society’s first official kitten nanny. He’s also a Hurricane Katrina survivor. The AZ Humane Society says: “A key factor that can increase a cat’s chance of adoption is its ability to live in homes with other pets. By socializing kittens with dogs like…