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Bust from Herculaneum of Ptolemy III Euergetes, (Πτολεμαῖος Εὐεργέτης) King of Egypt 246 - 222 BC.

Head of Ptolemy II or III - Ptolemaic Period Reign: reign of Ptolemy III Euergetes I 246–222 B.C., Egypt Medium: Black bronze

Head, Ptolemy III (?) 222-246 B.C, reign of Ptolemy III, Euergetes I, Egypt. (Faïence, English name for fine tin glazed pottery on a delicate pale buff earthenware body.)

Gold Pentadrachm of the King Ptolemy II - C.2034 Origin: Egypt Circa: 285 BC to 246 BC

Louvre Museum - Great Sphinx of Tanis by *Checco*, via Flickr The sphinx is a fabulous creature with the body of a lion and the head of a king. This one was successively inscribed with the names of the pharaohs Ammenemes II (12th Dynasty, 1929-1895 BC), Merneptah (19th Dynasty, 1212-02 BC) and Shoshenq I (22nd Dynasty, 945-24 BC). According to archaeologists, certain details suggest that this sphinx dates to an earlier period - the Old Kingdom (c. 2600 BC).

Pyramid of Amenemhat III (Dahshur) The Black Pyramid was built by King Amenemhat III during the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (2055-1650 BC). It is one of the five remaining pyramids of the original eleven pyramids at Dahshur in Egypt.