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I think that people believe in religion because it gives them some answers to the unexplainable things in our world and gives them a clear understanding about life and it also gives them hope. A religion brings people together so it also signifies unity and strength. - Maneet

Religion gives people, comfort and assurance. It is a way of life as well as a guidance to people as it helps them to live a good life. It lets them know that they are not alone and it gives them confidence knowing that a higher power will always be watching over them to guide them through any hardships that they may face in life. -Alecia

Religion is different types of practices for people with different beliefs. It lets people have hope for when they are in either good or bad situations. It lets them feel like they belong a part of something. Religion can be believed as faith which can lead into self actualization. -Karanjit Johel

Everyone has there own beliefs on what religion is. I would say religion is a way of belief in god, many people have different religions because we all believe in god in a different way. Religion I would also say is worship because we all worship god everyday as a part of the religion. Religion is basically two things I would say one it’s a belief and two it is to worship. - Gurleen

Religion is a way for people to come together who share the same beliefs, values, and practice and acknowledge in a more superior power who you cant see. Religion gives people hope in knowing that they are not alone when going to the same place where your god/goddess is worshipped. In my oppinon I believe it is truthfully wrong if one only goes to worship a god/goddess only in the time of struggle. Religion is amongst everyone around the world who believe. - Santhia

People seek answers on the meaning of life and what it means to exist. So they choose to go on a path which provides them with those answers. Religion could clairify many things for people, as well as guide them and comforts them knowing these answers and having these beliefs. Nayeema Rahman