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Formby, Lancashire The monumental dunes here are classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and from their tops there are views of the Cumbrian mountains – and even Blackpool Tower on a clear day. Footpaths lead through the pinewoods behind to a red squirrel reserve (this is one of the last outposts in Britain), and on the vast expanse of beach you can sometimes spot prehistoric human and animal footprints. The sunsets are spectacular.

Sudan’s Dinka: Portrait of a People

National Geographic People | Sudan’s Dinka: Portrait of a People – News Watch

Graceful exhuberence, spectacular raw, natural display of power ~ surfers can only watch in awe & enjoy human limitations!!!

Killing and calling it a sport is barbaric... how can you call something a sport when your opponent is unarmed? And people hang animal heads on their walls like they did something spectacular... look at me, I killed an innocent unarmed animal with my big gun... makes me sick every time I see one!! When people that like to call it a sport go and fight unarmed (like the animal) and go hand to hand/paw, then you can call it a sick sport!! I would love to see it and would even pay to see that!!!

The eyes of elephants are about the same size as a human's. The eyes are usually dark brown, with upper and lower lids, and long eyelashes on the upper lid. With one eye on either side of their head elephants have a wide visual field, although their eyesight is relatively poor, particularly in bright sunlight.

Animal of the day – 3/30/2011 – The Barn Owl

ZME Science While the owl is commonly associated with wisdom, make no mistake - it’s a vicious predator of the night. It’s main weapon is its stealth, as it silently dashes through pitch black catching pray off-guard. This remarkable ability of...

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