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A temple to Athena

The Wings of Love, Doisneau's The Kiss, Vettriano's Singing Butler… These prints have taken pride of place in millions of homes since the 70s. So what explains their enduring appeal? Miranda Sawyer celebrates the art that Britain took to its heart

INDIGO & STARSEED ARTISTS - Jesus Gallery - Akiane Kramarik - Child Art Prodigy - Born to Atheists, her parents converted to Christianity when she stated that her realist art, which she began making at age 4, was inspired by visions from God. Her image depicts his wavy curls from my visions. His hair was absolutely gorgeous when I first saw him clearly in my 20s! He didn't show facial hair. He also looks a lot more "Jewish" than Anglo in my smiling visions. Jesus shows in all forms, even in…

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