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Guy Walks,Bar

(Open RP! I'm the girl. Someone be the guy??) He walked into the tavern cautious of the people around him. They were all criminals for sure. He could tell. As he took a seat. A girl and a man sit beside me. One look I know that poor girl isn't a felon. She sits close to the man but seems terrified of him. I get a look at him and I realize he's a hunter. The hunter. This poor girl must be his prey.

The Ultimate 4 Day Slovenia Itinerary

Ljubljana, Slovenia. One of Europe’s smallest capitals, Ljubljana is not the sort of place where a guy feels compelled to fit the castle, the bus tour, the riverboat and the dodgy-seeming bar that the hotel guy said was a good restaurant into one day. Which is good. Those things are tiring, and they quickly become a blur. In Ljubljana, tourism is simple: just walk around. Seriously: Just. Walk. Around. And mention Slavoj Zizek when you come home and talk about it.

So, a guy walks into a bar…

Having a bad day? Chin up, friend. It could be worse. It could be a lot worse... Wet Paint Oh well. At least it will match her jacket... * * * Neither Rolling, nor Coasting These folks stuck on a ride aren't as amused as they expected to be at their...

Oh sweet jesus. Too much sexy in one picture. One is dark, bad boy sexy whereas the other is adorkable sexy. I adore them both!!!!!!