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Zip Lock Easter bag! We made these the gallon zip lock bags and then used a whole punch to punch holes on each end and I used the thick yarn and use the paper hole re- enforcers and then string the yarn, rope or ribbon through and tie a knot. The kids used stickers and colored sharpies to decorate and it even has a place to allow them to write their names! The kids loved them!

Squishy bag! This was simple but there was no link, it a gallon ziplock bag, small thing of glitter (we used alot because my daughter wanted to) a few drops of food coloring and a cheap bottle of hair gel. Dump it all in the ziplock bag get the air out and a fun little big that feels neat and it looks like finget painting without the mess! Kailie loves it and so I started writing her letters in it and she started naming a few of them!

D.I.Y: Ice-Cream in A Zip Lock Bag... Directions: You put whole milk or Half & Half, sugar, and vanilla in a sandwich bag and then ice and salt in a gallon bag..Then the sandwich bag went into the gallon bag and was zipped up. Shake 5 minutes vigourously!!..

We are creating these great totes from Duct tape & Ziploc bags. Super easy craft! Just layer tape over the bags and they have a great zip closure! I added bottlecaps to jazz it up. Program is for grades 4-6. Are you making anything fun for Earth day?

Wheelbarrow Flower Decorations

This is a craft simple enough for small children. You need plastic scoops from powder detergent, caps from gallon jugs of milk and small artificial flowers.

Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate - I actually make mine using frozen organic berries from Costco. My kids LOVE it!

How to make homemade ice cream with out an ice cream maker. Half a gallon of premium ice cream costing under $2? That alone makes it worth doing.

Two hearts made two kids - together as one piece of art. Painted by a toddler (non-messy) and a preschooler (messy!)

I made a quilt that will hang on the wall of my classroom to display student work. I used gallon ziplock bags and duct tape, and the ziplocks open from the back of the quilt so students' work can easily slide in and out. I love the animal print duct tape which goes perfect in my jungle themed classroom. Cool, huh? :)