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My happy bumblebee cane. Always makes me smile.

Polymer clay cane 812 from 2011. This cheetah print cane has always been my favorite of the animal canes I've made. Just something about the combination of colors and shading. Makes me happy. I still have some of it and plan on making beads.

Polymer clay cane 292 from 2005. This rose cane became my signature image for my business. I've always liked this cane, even though it's more illustration-like than painterly.

Polymer clay cane 294. It was the first poinsettia cane I made, from 2005. I still think it was my best one ever.

Polymer clay cane 375 from 2007. The best pansy cane I ever made. The colors and the shading on this cane just really came out well.

Polymer clay cane 129. One of my favorite canes that I made in 2005, an Orca whale.

Polymer clay cane 384 from 2006. First attempt at a dove cane. Overall it wasn't too bad. I think it needed more shading rather than just outlining. Again the difference between an illustrative caning and a painterly caning. But not bad.

Polymer clay cane 432 from 2006. One of my better monarch butterfly wing canes. This design has stayed in my repertoire in a number of different ways but the Monarch is a classic floral cane design.

Polymer clay cane 293 from 2005. My favorite thing about this butterfly was the shading on the bracts. I was really proud of this cane.

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