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2014 Beauty Awards: Best $10 and Under Deals

Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blenders

$12.99 Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blenders - COLORMIX

A Full Face of Makeup Dupes - Half High End, Half Drugstore

A face full of makeup dupes! High end vs. drugstore makeup. Can you believe the high end products total to $390 and the drugstore totals to $94?! Wow!!

Please take a look at my interactive home shopping catalogue. If ordering when you click on a product it will add to a drop down menu once finished your order will be transferred to my on-line shop for me to process. I would be most grateful, and you are willing, if you could share this with your friends and family and ask them to do the same. Thank you so much. Rosemary #RozzieEmporium

17 Makeup Dupes That Are Way Cheaper And Just As Awesome As Other Beauty Products

Yaaass - finally a list of dupes I can actually find in a regular beauty supply store! :O | 17 Makeup Dupes That Are Way Cheaper Than Your Favorite Beauty Products

19 Beauty Products That Are Actually Worth The Hype

19 Beauty Products That Are Actually Worth The Hype Aka all the beauty products high on my list to acquire, after a lot of research! :D

The Best Cheap Makeup

The Best Cheap Makeup - 18 of the best cheap makeup products, all under $10!! Pin this and use it the next time you're out shopping :)

5 Reasons To Wash Your Face With Apple Cider Vinegar

Can We Send You Our Free Special Report: "100 Ways To Use Essential Oils To Change Your Life"? Image Credit: Andy Roberts @ Flickr How Is Apple Cider Vinegar Made? Raw apple cider vinegar is made from organic apples and goes through a double fermentation process. During this process, enzymes and other nutrients are preserved and work together to bring out therapeutic properties. Here are… [read more]

Top 20 New Drugstore Beauty Products for Spring & Summer.

Top 20 NEW drugstore beauty products that are PERFECT for the spring & summer months. If you are looking for the latest in makeup, skin care, hair care or even lotions to make your skin in prime condition for the summer months all at a bargain, this list is for you!

eBay Bargains #31 - Dupe Makeup Brushes (Makeup Savvy)

bareMinerals Perfecting Face Brush Dupe RRP £24.00 (£1.38 - eBay here)This is a brush I already own and it has to be one of my most unique brushes with the foundation reservoir to the centre of it. Th