Beautiful homemade Christmas Lanterns. Pop pine needles and pine cones around a tea light in a jar and decorate with brown string.

How adorable are these little pine cone elves? Glue on wooden beads and then use felt to make tiny cone hats and colourful scarves. The most gorgeous Christmas craft for kids.

Make these beautiful pine cone Christmas trees. Collect pine cones on a family winter walk and when you get home spend a cosy afternoon decorating your little trees with mini pom poms. They look lovely hanging from your tree or lined up along your mantelpiece.

Such a simple way to add some twinkling Christmas cheer to your home and a lovely gift for kids to make for family. Pop strings of fairy lights into a Kilner jar.

Glue pine cones into a bottle top,wrap brown string around the bottom to create a pretty base, then stick on sparkly beads as baubles. Decorate the base with a sweet bow and you have a lovely little mini tree for the mantlepiece.

One of our very favourite Christmas crafts for kids. Collect pine cones and decorate with little baubles made from playdough or glue on tiny pom poms or beads

Some fantastic Christmas crafts for kids. A simply lovely collection of Christmassy things to make to decorate your home or give as gifts. From the cutest penguins to the quirkiest snowmen in town. Pretty Christmas trees, indoor snow and a nativity set you can cherish for years to come. Another great way to decorate pine cones. Roll little balls from Fimo to create baubles,

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